Why Us

Our Methodology

Every search is unique. To each new project, Reid & Company brings a fresh perspective, along with a toolkit of proven methods for finding the right candidate to meet and exceed your hiring needs.

Before kicking off the search, we take the time to gain a rigorous understanding of your organization. We listen and ask questions to determine your needs for today and tomorrow. We customize a search program that works best with your corporate objectives. We elucidate your company’s distinguishing culture and values, determining the personality traits which best embody them. Collaborating with you to create a specific needs analysis, position description, and a key skills summary, we develop an ideal candidate profile.
Next, we reach out, connecting with our broad base of existing contacts and forging new relationships to find the candidate who will bring the most value to the role and to your organization. At Reid & Company, we find talent who do more than just check the boxes – we are dedicated to placing individuals who bring excitement, expertise, and a strong commitment to our client companies.